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    It irritates me to hear people claim it'll be great because it's the last Bungie made Halo game. Asking for faith in a studio because it's their last game in the series, especially when the reason people should expect a great game is because Bungie make great games.

    With regards to the single player campaign, I love the story of Halo games, and at heart I'm a SP gamer, but my favourite moments in Halo came during CE and 2. Sure, taking on two scarabs and a covenant fleet was awesome, but it didn't stack up to assault on the control room, or the absurdity of mounting and beating down the prophet.

    My main hope for the SP is that they manage to make me care about the characters. A fair criticism of 3 was that whilst Miranda and Johnson were in a load of cutscenes, it was tough to care about them because they never fought alongside you. Hopefully fighting with spartans, and seeing their faces will make us relate a little better.

    wall of text I know, but I'm expecting the best Halo game I've ever played, and with that, the best game I've ever played.

    Is anyone going to the gamestation midnight opening at new st. in birmingham?

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