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    Onny wrote:
    SO I finished Reach last night and loved it, except for one thing. (Obviously do not show the spoilers unless you've finished it)

    I had a huge problem with a large chunk of the final level. From the moment you go into the cave with the buggers, the game does not provide you with a DMR or any more DMR ammo. This ruined a lot of the final part of the game for me - ESPECIALLY the final stand against the Covies on the landing platform at the end. It was no fun to be made to use another weapon - I prefer precision weapons, especially against brutes. It just made that bit very, very slow to play, and I got quite fed up. It felt pretty much the opposite of what it was supposed to be, i.e. a desperate last stand against the Covenant as I attempt to deliver the package. I don't understand what design decisions led them to do this, either. I thought that maybe they didn't want you to do a long-range battle, but that can't be true since you get the sniper rifle. Gah. I can only hope that there was a secret weapons cache somewhere that I missed, as right now I don't want to go through that again (AR vs Brutes? So boring) and it's the only poor bit in an otherwise superb campaign.

    Other than that, wonderful game! :)

    I agree with this statement wholely! Trying to take out fuel rod elites, hammer brutes with an AR and the shitty grenade launcher (i'd already wasted the sniper...) is so full of fail.
    Overall though the story from the last 2 levels gave me a Halo geekgasm
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