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    MrE26 wrote:
    DFawkes wrote:
    I can't get that stupid assassinating an Elite to save you from a fall for the life of me. 20 successful assassinations, all of which I had killed my forward momentum from the small boost, and still nothing.

    There is something I'm missing, but no idea what and nothing on the net seems to help, except the acknowledgement there are certainly some hidden conditions required.

    I'll get it eventually.
    Took me a good 20 or so tries before it randomly unlocked, despite the fact that whenever i missed him, the fall killed me. It's clearly glitched. The one that unlocked the achievement played out no differently to the ones that didn't.

    It's not glitched and you don't need to cancel sprint. Timing is key. If your feet touch the ground during the assassination animation it's no good. You have to get the head stomp one for it to count, so you don't touch the ground.
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