#4805623, By spelk AI War: Fleet Command

  • spelk 31 May 2009 20:48:25 21 posts
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    This is a 2d space RTS, which boasts a heavy duty AI, and 8 player co-op! It feels odd, slightly, but it supports the tactical level zoom of SupCom. The tutorial levels are quite easy to breeze through, but the last tutorial is a small 10 planet scenario, and it looks like its about 3 hours to complete. I'm about half way through, and the AI is giving me a good slapping at the moment. When you're on the strategic campaign level, 2d icons is all you care about, so there really isn't a lot lost in terms of graphical wow. It would be nice to see these Sins of a Solar Empire style 3d graphics, but I think this game is all about the strategy and less about the oohs and aahs of space loving visuals. Its only $19.99 on Impulse, and they are claiming more free DLC to come.
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