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    asphaltcowboy wrote:
    TheRealBadabing wrote:
    Having read the destructoid review it struck me that apart from the lag/gfx issues, a big criticism has been longevity. Longevity based in a CoD world of unending XP and prestige levels.

    Not sure that's an issue for me. Shadowrun didn't have anything like unlocks or levels and BC2 lets you have all the "toys" early on. I played those to death simply because they were fun.

    Yep! No one complains that BFBC2 doesn't have that many maps...

    I do, but it doesn't stop me enjoying the game. I'm sure there will be some kind of map pack in the future anyway. I'd imagine its probably already in the works given current trends with DLC.

    P.S: My pre-order shipped today too :D
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