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    Does anyone else find the classes to be unbalanced in terms of XP gain? I find that medics consistently get a buttload of XP, then engineers and finally soldiers and operatives fluctuate depending on the productivity of the operative (most of the time they score low, but when they do their job i.e. harassing the enemy by capping command posts etc, the can out do most soldiers).

    isnt that kinda a good thing as it encourages ppl to do their class based roles?

    Yes, one gets more XP for fulfilling one's class role, however, the fact that, while fulfilling roles, a medic will consistently get more XP than any other class encourages everyone to be a medic, which is surely a bad thing? Which was my point.

    It seems to me this game has some of balance issues.

    Medics level fastest for one. However, despite my point, I've bypassed the XP issue by having a medic/operative and engineer/soldier. I find I get more XP than I need in 20 lvls for a single class (okay, not to max it, but to get the abilities I want) and this way both characters level at a reasonable rate.

    Second, 90% of the armoury is useless. Personally, I only use 3 of the weapons Euston AR, Bulpdaun SMG and the machine pistol (bottom row, can't remember what it's called, however, I haven't really experimented with the other pistols - recommendations welcome :o) ).

    Final observation I have made is only light bodies make real use of the parkour. Not sure if this is an issue really as they take less damage and therefore need the agility, but it nukes one of the main selling points of the game for 2/3 body options.

    Regardless, I still find the game to be immensely entertaining, but I love these kind of team games. BF:BC2 comes close, but whilst teams are important, I find it not quite as team oriented as Team Fortress or Brink.
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