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    kirankara wrote:
    i have no issues with Treyarch, im positive they arent great developers...

    Interesting thing to say in what started out as a seemingly sympathetic note. I can't remember where, but on this forum somewhere, someone posted a link to a Treyarch dev talking about how they used quick fixes for a lot of bugs. One that sticks in my mind is the use of a coffee table to make AI run wider and not get stuck instead of fixing the path finding code. Apparently the cause was the suits constantly wanting things changed or added, leaving no time to really polish anything.

    kirankara wrote:
    yup, but herein lies the state of modern gaming, and it does worry me, that if next gen the budgets go up, and the pressure to produce on time to keep budgets down , gets worse, then things will actually get worse for us gamers. This get it out and patch it later philosophy is a joke. its great they can improve the odd bug and flaw etc, but its coming to the point where , its a case of , if a game is anywhere over half finished, has a slim resemblance to what was promised, and if the game was hyped enough, thats good enough. They take their millions, keep publisher and ceo happy, and leave us gamers who pay their wages , twiddling our thumbs.

    This is really worrying. Even more so, if one considers that Crysis 2 has not been patched in god knows how long and is still buggy, it seems that developers are going with the philosophy of "Not many people play it anymore, not worth the development time patching." and that is what scares me, as it will lead to less and less day one sales because people wont be sure if what they buy will be essentially abandoned.

    As for Brink, does anyone know why, when I search for servers in Freeplay (PC) I get about one screen worth (as in, I don't need to scroll down) of servers with reasonable amounts of players. Has everyone given up on this now?

    Also, has there been any information about pricing for the upcoming DLC? I'm hoping for a free "we're sorry" pack ;o).
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