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    Jockeys are little shits. If you can see them coming, then time your right click for just after they 'hop'. You should catch them before they jump on top. Never try to shoot them if you do melee, just keep on giving them the butt of your gun.

    You'll get used to chargers and be able to jump/move out of their way. Always switch to your melee weapon when you hear/see them charging as two hits with a bat/crowbar/sword will take them down rather than two clips of ammo, or a good four/five shotgun blasts.

    Spitters are easier to handle, just try not to back yourself into a corner to be spat on. Look for anything to jump on because usually the spit doesn't actually lie on top of objects (usually!).

    There are always places where even a 'pro' player will be caught out with the spitter. The memory of having a horde attack while my team was sat in the 'weapons' van on the first map of Dark Carnival, only to be burned by spitter goo until we all died still haunts my dreams.
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