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    ronuds wrote:
    The only obvious thing I see is a bunch of jackasses who hope this fails for no apparent reason. And they mistake anyone who doesn't share their views as some great "defender" of a multi-billion-dollar company. Sorry, but I'm not so lame and pathetic as to paint something as not working or automatically doomed from a few videos. I'd like for it to succeed at this point just so that all of the punters will be proven wrong. Otherwise, I could really care less, and I'm sure even if my dream scenario were to come true, those who were being idiots up to now will slink away with their tails tucked firmly between their legs.

    "Please fail so that some strange voice in my head that's telling me this is no good will be vindicated, and then I can gloat to everyone about how 'I said' something would fail and it actually did. Otherwise, I have absolutely no reason or vested interest in this device, but to sound ignorant and cliche on a forum of many."

    How's that? :p

    Sounds just like the PS3 launch really.
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