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    mowgli wrote:
    Ok, what games are there to look forward to? Seriously. Child of Eden is the only thing that looks remotely interesting and that is meant to be better with a pad. This is not a troll post before you start pissing your pants, this is the kinect thread and I'm wondering what games to look forward to.

    Lets be honest, there's barely fuck all to look forward to. People were criticised for having no imagination by saying Kinect will have limited use for gaming - just dance, fitness, sport - but that's so obviously the case. We haven't touched the Kinect since xmas, and I have 14 future releases queued up on Lovefilm, none of which is Kinect enabled. Are we going to then accuse the devs of having no imagination next, or just admit that maybe the control method, impressive though it is, just isn't game friendly?
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