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    kinky_mong wrote:
    King_Edward wrote:
    His write though. your a spazmaloid
    They definitely is write because I thought that:

    Mikeeeboy1 wrote:
    I thought I was on my own on this.
    But im really not feeling this either.
    The controls are annoying and not explained very well at all.
    But will try it again just to make sure.
    You never know as it might just suddenly click with me!
    was actually a deep and insightful gendai-haiku. The playful use of the japanese poetic form has been brilliantly subverted by Mikeeeboy1, revealing the stark dichotomy that lies at the heart of modern day japanese games development.

    So Bravo! to him, and to you sir, kinky_mong, I am disappoint.

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