#9431208, By Scurrminator Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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    I was guessing that Raiden can talk to the foes as it's the kind of AI/nanomachines inside them doing the talking.

    Finished this last night AFTER 2 FUCKING HOURS ON THE BOSS. I was up until 2am - cheap shit twat.
    Had no regen packs so was getting walloped. Finally figured out how to get health packs from the zandatsu debris and it was easy after that.

    Did anyone else think that the kid, George, is contender for most annoying cunt game character ever? The fact that the ending cutscene was him and Sunny chatting pissed me off - two hour boss fight for that!?

    I was also questioning the game length criticism as the first half of the game is quite meaty and then level 5 is 5 minutes long and just the same street from the previous level, level 6 is a boss fight and level 7 is pretty much a multiple stage boss fight. The bosses were annoyingly hard though so guess that dragged it out!

    6/10 for the spectacle. I wanted to love it but I just didn't gel with the parry system. Analogue stick + X was a bad choice as analogue input is a bit flaky.
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