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    askew wrote:
    Dirtbox wrote:
    We were trying to play with this today, hard to really put it into words but I'll have a go...

    Baffling load of shit.

    Yeah, I think that sums it up.

    I agree with this.

    You know it's email with IM thrown in. The more interesting thing about it is that it's possible for anyone to develop plugins (which for some reason they call 'extensions') for it.

    At the moment there are only a few extensions ranging from slightly rubbish: a shared sudoku board. To apparently brilliant: one allows you to use something called 'ribbit', which is a thing that can hook into VOIP protocols including Skype - 'apparently' because I've no idea how well it works.

    Given that it can be extended then this could be the convergence that Dirtbox is hoping for.

    So it's a centralised way of managing users and letting them get together around these extensions - to play a game of chess, or have a business video conference or collaboratively edit a piece of music or maybe one day play a videogame.... who knows?

    As for invites, it took about a week for mine to show up in my inbox after a friend who got in during the first round sent one to me. New users don't get invites yet.. see here...

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