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    VeggieWokker wrote:
    2D platformers are interesting, maybe just not your taste. It may be a good game, but it lost most of the elements that form the soul of Metroid, like backtracking, isolation, exploration at your own pace, be it fast or slow. So many reviews tell us we'll like it if we lower our expectations, but that's not what I'm used to when I await a new Metroid. About Prime 2 and 3: just because they are not as perfect as Prime doesn't mean they're not great. Prime 2, although a bit poor in colours, is a great game once you get the Dark Suit and don't need to wait in bubbles once in a while. Prime 3 has Elysia, one of the most amazing settings since the Myst games. The only things I dislike a bit about Prime 3 are protecting the demolition troopers and having to hurry during the Dark Samus/AU 313 battle, because I'm the kind of player who takes his time. Super Metroid is perfect, the original Metroid still makes me smile, Zero Mission look amazing and I even enjoy Metroid Prime Pinball when I'm on the road. Fusion is a bit disappointing, for some of the same reasons as Other M. So no, Nintendo did not do all they could have. They could have put the NSMB team on it. Those guys know how to expand upong classic gameplay with original ideas.

    Well said. I totally agree.
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