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    roz123 wrote:
    I think it has lots of small problems, its too linear, a little easy, the way items unlocked, its got those find a pixel bits that don't really work, not everyone likes the controls (I thought they were excellent), the music isn't quite as good as other metroids. I think that the biggest problem it had though was that fan boys got really really butthurt over the voice they gave samus, not just the sound but her thoughts and feelings. It differed from what they imagined playing the other games and she took orders. This didnt bother me at all and I really enjoyed it.

    I agree that it has a fine collection of niggles alright - the aforementioned slow start, a some dodgy sign-posting, questionable controls, a story that divides fans and a few shit scanning bits. These flaws do impact on the game as a whole, but in my view don't come anywhere near spoiling what is a fantastic experience.

    AcidSnake wrote:
    Gave up on this a while back as it couldn't sustain my interest for long, but I'd still like to see this through...I'm still in the very beginning I guess with the first trooper being killed...Not a lot to do...It can't touch Prime in any way, but still the story so far isn't all bad...Though she really needs to stop saying "Baby" all the time...

    Clear some time in your gaming schedule mate and give it some solid play. Its a hard to explain exactly why its so good, but for whatever reason it will likely grip you after a couple of hours play.

    In short it has got some brillaint locations and a superb atmosphere. The controls and combat really begin to shine after you get used to them. The story, I believe is great, and the bosses are superb. You go to some really cool places during the adventure.... I just love it and hope you enjoy it just as much as me when you get into it....

    Dan234 wrote:
    The Prime series and Other M can't really be compared, it's like comparing apples with a rotten apple.

    Funny comment, but I would genuinely like to hear a more fleshed out justification as to why you believe the Primes are so much better than Other M. For me the controls, level designs and gameplay are inhibited by the first person perspective in the Prime series. Just my opinion. I think Prime 1 should have controlled like a regular FPS, and 3 gave me motion sickness!

    I'm not saying the Prime sub-series is shit - I enjoyed them to a degree, but they are nowhere near as enjoyable to play as Other M or the 2D games in my opinion.
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