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    Dan234 wrote:
    Metroid's about exploring open environments, solving puzzles on your own with what you've got and what you've found, and finding out yourself what's happened.

    Where do we start with this...

    - This is so linear it might as well be on-rails like Dead Space, but that's an insult to Dead Space as Dead Space is done right.
    - Scanning doesn't reveal anywhere near the level of detail about the world that you can find in Prime. The scanning in Prime made you want to scan anything and everything, this is just an afterthought and simply shows how weak the plot is.
    - As scanning is useless and scope for plot discovery is limited as it's all handed to you on a plate and laboriously explained to you until your brains dribble out your ears.
    - As it's all scripted, Team Ninja's rather shallow interpretation of her character is thrust in your face, along with her tits and arse as it's Team Ninja (why does her suit suddenly disappear so often by the way, it's never done that before or after in the Metroid timeline).
    - You'd think as everything was so scripted and linear they could at least find decent reasons for removing you of your weapons and making the environment, puzzles, and weapons sort of roughly match (the right weapon for the right puzzle in the right place). The reason for not being able to use your weapons just because you're waiting for the order simply doesn't work. Firstly it's not in line with her character and secondly I found myself trying to use them anyway because the environment would let me whereas in other Metroids the puzzles you come across are kind of reveal themselves to you as you've got or found the weapon for them or you can see you haven't got what you need for the puzzle so you carry on exploring for something that will help you then backtrack.
    - The 2D/3D switch doesn't work when you're in a tight spot, you just end up switching and pointing completely in the wrong direction.
    - It might be just me on this but I've got an irresistible urge to kill everyone in the team you're tagging along with and following orders from so they stop annoying you (see part about Samus' character). However you have to put up with them spouting crap until they die at the appointed time (see part about brains dribbling out of ears).

    However it looks pretty, I'll give you that.

    Well I've enjoyed it and you haven't, so neither of us is right or wrong, we're both equally entitled to our views.

    You've raised some interesting points that I would agree with, but I suppose the reason I enjoyed the game is because I have no problem with linearity in games - it did Fusion no harm after all. The scanning was poor as you say but it was only a niggle - and I didn't like the scanning in the Primes, so I was delighted to see it sidelined.

    The switch from third to first person perspective took a while to get used to, and as you say was hard to do in the midst of combat, but again it was just a niggle for the most part and didn't detract from the overall experience.

    Other M had a lot of annoyances and niggles - I certainly can see its flaws, but they didn't stop me enjoying the game immensely once it got going, until its excellent ending. I can see it as the new Luigi's Mansion - got a hard time when it came out, but over the years it grows in its reputation and its appreciation....
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