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    androidave wrote:
    See this is why I don't get why Ipods are so popular.. Taking files from one device and putting them on another should be stright forward, It is with any other device I can think of.. But with an Ipod.. Why do people even bother with them ?
    Your username betrays your true role in this thread, trolly trollington. But I'll bite:

    There's nothing complicated about them at all - the issue everyone comes up against is expecting to be able to copy music off an iPod onto any computer at all, and it doesn't work like that. It's a form of DRM really, to stop you giving your mate all your albums without him having to buy them, and anyway there are very widely documented easy-peasy ways around that.

    For most day to day use of an iPod (putting music onto it from your computer) it's quite simple: plug iPod into iTunes, set up the sync options, done. Piece of piss.
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