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    Consumer Reports debunked this claim then, and put Kinect to a similar test now. The magazine says it is "related to low-level lighting and not directly to players' skin color.

    "Like the HP webcam, the Kinect camera needs enough light and contrast to determine features in a person's face before it can perform software recognition and log someone into the game console automatically," Consumer Reports writes. "Essentially, the Kinect recognized both players at light levels typically used in living rooms at night and failed to recognize both players when the lights were turned down lower.

    It would seem obvious that lighting is the issue here - not skin color. Earlier this week I tried using a PlayStation Eye to capture my face for use in EA Sports MMA. I was in a poorly lit living room, and the result was ghastly. The fact I ended up in blackface was my fault, not the game's. But headlines like "Kinect has problems recognizing dark-skinned users?" don't exactly fix attention on the more likely cause of trouble.

    E como o autor refere no final, nem interessa o que está a provocar o problema mas sim o título errado do mesmo. MAs é típico mais uma vez de fanboys de marcas rivais.
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