#4844709, By Seto Diablo 2 in high resolution - 'ing finally!

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    UncleLou wrote:
    Back to Diablo 2:

    In the middle of Act 2 now, and boy, the latest patch(es) have made this game a lot harder. I love how the skills now have synergy effects.

    It's when you play Diablo 2 again that you realise how superbly balanced and well thought out it all is. Where other games in this genre mostly throw just a bunch of monsters at you, Diablo requires you to make the best use of your skills to survive.

    Still a 10/10 after all these years.



    This is one game I really got addicted on....Can't read anything about it with out that "urge" to start clicking on everything....

    /leaves thread
    /smashes up PC
    /burns office down

    Noooo - I can still hear the clicking!

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