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    Rise of the Robots on the Sega MegaDrive. I was young and suckered in by the pretty graphics and pre-rendered cinematics (on a cartridge!). The gameplay was appalling, and the difficulty curve was too steep. Single-player consisted of a few fights with no option but to play as the cyborg pictured on the box, and multi-player was equally as shallow. I learned something: graphics are never enough to carry a game.

    The Angel of Darkness on the Playstation 2 also deserves a dishonourable mention. I actually suffered through it until the end; it was nearly as disappointing as it was awful. Core Design tried to kill off Lara at the end of The Last Revelation, and they were evidently trying to finish the job with AoD. Ironically, Lara survived despite Core Design, and so we can add another item to the list of AoD's failures.
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