#4897978, By ploder Taser function creep caught on camera

  • ploder 21 Jun 2009 13:25:53 243 posts
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    Only we were assured that tasers would not be used for 'resisting arrest' and other less serious situations like they are in the US. I consider that to be very close to if not torture. There has to be an immediate threat to the officers in question or a member of the public. Struggling with someone on the floor is definitely not one of those situations which should justify tasering.

    The point being we were lied to again when it comes to the roll out of new technology. I am less concerned with this individual case (not to say it isn't serious) than I am about the constant function creep we are seeing. However, these cases should help anyone understand why allowing the state to create biometric profiles on its citizens (for ID cards) will be subject to the biggest function creep and be the biggest threat to our liberty that most people on this forum will see in their living memory.
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