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    mrpon wrote:
    Hmm, I'll have a tinker and see then. Figured you'd just be able to hook up the cable and transfer em over maybe? I was hoping for a vice-versa type solution, ie: play on the PS3 save, then transfer over the PSP for portable continuation!

    Thinking about it, it should really work wirelessly.

    You can do this. Connect up the PSP via the USB cable then put it into USB mode. On the PS3 go into the PS1/PS2 memory card section and the PSP will be showing as a storage device. You can go in there, select the individual game saves and using the menu (triangle) copy them over to a virtual PS1 memory card on the PS3. If you want to copy them back just go into the PS1 memory card and select copy there then choose the PSP to copy to.
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