#4894632, By The_vorlon_man Rumoured new 360 next year.

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    Well here's my take on all these rumours.

    Natal analysing and responding to stereoscopic HD images in realtime requires lots of memory and lots of CPY cycles. Therefore it is not too difficult to deuce that the Natal hardware includes a wad of Ram and a dedicated processor. All that is passed to the 360 via USB is the resulting instruction (.E. move left, right up, down etc).

    One could see Natal costing anything from 50 to 3100 to buy out of the box as a peripheral.

    So if MS want Natal to be central to the XBOX experience, they need a MASSIVE push for it at launch for it to transcend being more than a super-eyetoy. That means lots of must-play fun games, and having functionality in all games, even if it's tacked on for the novelty of it. (I.E. waggling an arm in the middle of a RPG to do something like cast spells).

    But for support from 3rd parties to flow, a large installed base needs to be created.

    The only way to do that is to make it defacto standard accross the range.

    Hence a new XBOX.

    Simply take the processing and memory logic boards out of the Natal peripheral, and put them in the 360. Then you can have a simple dual camera device that has it's own dedicated port on the 360, and/or make it entirely wireless.

    Hey presto, a new 360 that fits the rumours perfectly.

    Personally I think they need to completely rebrand the 360 for it to appeal beyond it's current demographic. Waggle is not just going to cu tit.

    Nintendo knew this.

    After all, what is the Wii?
    It's just a slightly updated gamecube with a peripheral that was originally meant for the Gamecube! (The Wiimote!).

    Nintendo remodelled, rebounded, and re-launched an existing product and made it a new one, with 100% backwards compatibility.

    A new console that isnt.

    Just like Natal will be to the 360!
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