#11035616, By Sponz Anyone suffer from anxiety attacks?

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    Cadence wrote:
    Yeah I get them on the tube when it's rammed. Absolutely horrible and nowhere to run. Like Ryan I tend to try and really concentrate on some mobile game like jet car stunts that takes a lot of skill on the higher levels. That and 80mg of propranonol.
    @Cadence - I used to commute from Brighton to Canary Wharf, via London Bridge and the Jubilee Line. I was OK for the first couple of years, but one day something broke inside me. I think it was on a day when it was roasting hot, the tube was rammed at 8.30, and the tube was stopped between stations. I got my first horrendous panic attack. Felt like I couldn't breath and my heart rate went through the roof. What's really shit is that you're in your own world, surrounded by wankers who have no idea what's going on in you, and you're too British to shout out "I'm having a panic attack!" This went on for a good couple of years.

    I still get them every time I'm on the tube in London, packed or unpacked, I moved abroad in 2010, and I was alright for a couple of years, until 2013, when I started getting the same thing here, but on a packed tram. I seemed to get worse and worse, getting them in the car when stuck at lights, on the scooter, on the ferry, on the plane, having a haircut. I even got them in work meetings. Basically any situation that my mind thinks that I can't get out of.

    I didn't take any medication for it, but went to a Hypnotherapist. He taught me how to control them by taking your mind out of the situation and putting yourself into a state of positive hypnosis, basically thinking about a time or a situation where you're relaxed and happy.

    I'm ok now in the car and scooter, and 90% OK in meetings, but still not gotten over the Tube, or the tram, but I'm working on it.

    I smoked a lot of dope between the ages of 14-32, and I actually think that's the root cause of my problem..
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