#9273358, By Metalfish What's for DINNER tonight then?

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    HoboMario wrote:
    I'm actually not a chav ta, but thanks for the snobbery.
    I didn't call you a chav. I called your comment chavy.

    Ready meals are fine every now and then, but pretty much every main meal? If nothing else, that sounds a bit depressing. I was probably at my most culinarily creative as a student: I made roasts (actually really easy /and/ much cheaper than many realise) my own pizzas, though any sort of breadmaking is usually one of the few areas where it is easier and sometimes cheaper just to buy it in.

    EDIT: And per-weight cooked meat (like your cold cuts of sandwich meat) is usually more expensive than raw meat. I'm not saying these things to be contrarian, it's true, honest.

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