#4931408, By Rash' Could people offer PS3 upgrade advice?

  • Rash' 29 Jun 2009 21:11:50 948 posts
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    chessboxer wrote:
    Samsung Spinpoint 500GB 5400rpm. You can get them quite cheap now (70ish). I've had mine for nearly a year and never had any probs with it.

    I would advise against getting a 7200rpm drive (if you have a 60GB) as they generate a lot of heat, but might be ok in a 40/80/160GB PS3 as they have better fans.

    It's also worth investing in a large external drive. If you ever get a corrupt save, you should format the HDD immediately, otherwise it will lmost likely lead to the YLOD.
    I've downloaded numerous corrupt files but didn't make anything of them until recently. My system, for some unknown reason, will not accept vidzone. It refuses to get beyond the initial load. Called Sony and they are baffled. Took my number and said they may even need to collect the system to see what the problem is. As I'm now intent on replacing the harddrive, I'm going to restore the whole system to see if that resolves the issue with the new HDD. Anyone else had problems with the software?
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