#4935535, By gazzy Call of Juarez - in stores but no reviews??

  • gazzy 30 Jun 2009 17:28:23 882 posts
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    Its OK (Corale).

    Without the wild west setting it would be just another shooter.

    Its a big improvement on the first one and it has a couple of nice tricks up its sleeve.

    The graphics go from being excellent to crap, facial textures are nice but the characters themselves might as well be animated versions of those shitty rubbers you get at the end of HB pencils.

    It doesn't seem to tear as bad as the first one in-game however during cutscenes/loading screens (which I thought were pre-rendered ) it tears like a motherfucker. Weird?

    I've gotten used to headbobbing when playing FPSs. This sticks rigidly to the centre of the screen which is annoying (although oldschoolers will love it).

    Not an immediate purchase and half of the achievements/trophies are online based which might put off a few people.
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