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    the port of RE:CV is a really poor effort, Most game companies really do put fuck all effort into them. Some thick cunt on another forum threw his toys out of the pram at me because I didn't think the standard price was worth this poor effort. As for the game, played it on the DC and cube but have forgotten some of its flaws, the muddy textures on HDTV does not help it. Still would play this over RE6 chris campaign
    I actually did a back to back with this and the Leon portion of the RE6 demo, and well, the old school fans really aren't wrong. Resi really isn't Resi anymore.

    As awful as I'm finding CV is though, I'm now even more convinced a return to those sensibilities is what's needed for the series, and that the karate kicking QTE laden approach of RE6 was a huge bigfoot-sized misstep. Sort out the awful inventory and the occasional game design issues, and old school Resi would still be relevent today.
    Res evil zero and maybe the remake of 1 had drop option for items. Past games just need a discard item as memory was a problem on old games

    I agree they need to go back to the old style but do it better. The games that were 5 and 6 were massive misstep to appeal to the shooter crown. Sadly there is games who think "you need to make into a shooter or you have gameplay from 1998 still" says it all really
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