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  • Deleted user 29 March 2013 19:38:59
    lordofthedunce wrote:
    I think it has just worked for me.
    First I had to create a new webmail, then I created a new Xbox live account with it and set region to China.
    After that I had to fill in zip code info (found using site from a Google search for area codes in China).
    Once I had the Xbox account set up I went to my webmail and verified the it via the email link.
    Next I went to the download page for the game (linked earlier in the thread) and clicked the link to buy - I used Google translate to see what was what.
    It asked me to verify the purchase with a code it emailed me, I found the email in my webmail spam folder - a six or eight digit numeric code.
    After THAT, I went through to the sales page and filled in more name details etc (all in Chinese again but I used translate) - the most important bit on that page was the zip code.
    Once I had that done and saved the details I got the 'w00t! purchase successful' popup.
    Logged into new account on Xbox 360, downloaded new profile and game is currently downloading.
    Good stuff, think ill just pay 34.99!! ;)
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