#4960186, By Sub-kamikaze How did Bioshock get 10/10?

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    Rodney wrote:
    This criticism may be a bit premature as I havent completed the game yet (started playing it a few weeks ago and then my xbobx RROD'd). Rapture didnt seem like a lived in place to me.

    Similar to Doom 3, it was just endless geographically incoherent corridors. Where are the shops and residential/accommodation areas? when these kinds of places are there, the next room/corridor is some maintenance control room or science lab or something. it deosnt make sense.

    Like I said, I havnt played this all the way through yet so I probably cant judge. Loved the atmosphere, setting and stroy so far.

    I liked Bioshock. Unfortunately, I was hyped to stupid levels, following it on the official forums, etc. It could never match my expectations. The game itself was ok, but the really striking thing is that I also never got that sense of place, of residency, of it being a real city. The beginning descent into Rapture is fantastic - the potential is massive, but once the game got underway, it never felt like this was a living place with hundreds of people co-habiting. I think there's only one point where you're in the living quarters and even then it's just a few rooms. That's it - where's the sense of scale? Shouldn't there be hundreds of domiciles? Where's the shopping district? Where are the vendors? Where's evidence of the social infrastructure?

    Reviews raved about how well realised the city was. I don't think it was realised well enough, really.
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