#4961762, By Shinji So, why did 7/7 get a memorial?

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    Leolian'sBro wrote:
    Frankly I'm well over the 9/11 brouhaha, but the 7/7 continues to rankle. Personal thing, innit.

    Likewise. What makes it worse, and probably makes it really bother me to this day, is the fact that they were home-grown - no overseas contacts that we know of, no Al Quaeda training, no indoctrination in some secret camp in deepest darkest Afghanistan or Pakistan.

    They grew up in England, took advantage of everything that this country has to offer to its people, and then decided they didn't like the place because it didn't fit with some warped medieval ideology of theirs - so they killed a bunch of strangers. That, for some reason, pisses me off more than any wild-eyed lunatic coming in from overseas to carry out an attack would. It's the difference between some bastard outside throwing stones at your house, and a guest you invited into your home taking a shit on the living room carpet.
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