#4961845, By Shinji So, why did 7/7 get a memorial?

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    PES_Fanboy wrote:
    On a personal note, having lived in the UK since the tail end of the IRA bombings, it saddened me to see the huge amount of influence that 7/7 had on people in terms of fear etc.

    I think the government and media response has a lot to do with this. The response throughout the IRA years, on both islands, was strongly stiff upper lip, keep calm and carry on type stuff. The message was always to be vigilant, but to carry on with your life as usual, because otherwise, the fuckers have won.

    After 9/11 and even more so after 7/7, the message changed to "you're all in danger! all the time! it's terrifying! panic, you bastards, panic! Only we, the authoritarian party of choice*, can protect you now! Also: buy more newspapers to be updated on the latest reasons to PANIC!"

    Maybe it was Diana, but it feels more like Blair (with a little help from Murdoch) to me.

    * This can be Tory or Labour depending on what colour rosette the utter cunt telling us about an imminent attack and how they'll crack down on all brown people happens to be wearing at the time.
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