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    warlockuk wrote:
    They're not just "another" sect of Christianity. They're a dangerous and backwards cult who have completely made shit up at every turn and been proven wrong at every turn....

    As opposed to all those things that other religions believe, which have been comprehensively proven to be true, right? :)

    @ Shinj - the Christian thing, I think, was just because it was the easiest thing for Taze Russell to hijack.

    Oh, come on - if we're going to discount faiths on the grounds of their founders using their dogma solely as a basis for establishing some kind of political or economic power, then we're going to be discounting a LONG list of faiths. Including just about every mainstream form of Christianity, most major Islamic sects, just about ALL of Buddhism, etc....

    (I'm not really defending Jehovah's Witnesses, as I do broadly agree that they're a shower of mentalists - but they're a shower of mentalists on broadly the same axis as the rest of Christianity over a whole host of things. If anything, they serve as a useful illustration of where the extremes of faith can bring people - they're practically a recruitment poster for a secular society.)
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