#4979502, By ThreeOutsideDown are we better off with 2 or 3 competeing systems or would it be better if there was just one format

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    competition is clearly the best for the consumer.

    a monopoly would only benefit the platform owner.

    while publishers would enjoy developing for one static hardware platform they would have to decide if this was more important to them than having business terms dictated to them by the platform holder. remember, they wouldn't be able to take their title to a competing console if they thought the royalty rate paid to the platform owner was too expensive. does nintendo cartridge costs ring a bell for anyone?

    without the increased competition that sony and microsoft brought to the industry, consumers would still be paying full retail price for games that were 2/3/more years old. before sony's platinum/greatest hits range price drops on console titles were almost unheard of.

    a monopoly would also stiffle innovation with all titles having to be cleared by the sole platform holder's acceptance process. you're more likely to get bland output that offends no one rather than innovative bleeding edge entertainment which could shock/upset a good portion of it's userbase.
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