#5001559, By Shinji Would you buy a game from a gay game designer?

  • Shinji 17 Jul 2009 10:02:16 5,902 posts
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    There are quite a few gay game designers, some of them reasonably well known. I don't know of any that are particularly "out" on a professional level, partially because they know that there's still a fairly large teenage boy (and grown men whose brains never got past the teenage boy level) contingent in the game-buying public, partially because realistically, developers' personal lives don't get discussed in the media.

    So you've almost certainly played a game designed by a gay person before. I think we're a lot further away from playing games with overtly gay themes to them* - I don't think the gaming audience is ready for a big ticket, story-driven game with a gay romance in it, or a gay lead character. It'd sink at retail. (That said, you could probably do decent business for it as a download indie game - there are a lot of gay gamers out there, and plenty of people open-minded enough to play a good game regardless of the sexuality of its characters - not enough to make for Christmas blockbuster success, but certainly enough to sell thousands of copies of a cult hit.)

    * Notice the lack of successful rollerblading games, for example.
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