#5001773, By Shinji Would you buy a game from a gay game designer?

  • Shinji 17 Jul 2009 10:39:17 5,902 posts
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    Yossarian wrote:
    Jade Empire?

    I mean, it was a choice you made rather than something hardwritten into the story, but...

    I just googled that - I'd never known it was even there as an option! You learn something new every day. Although it seems to be fairly deeply hidden, heh :)

    There have been a handful of games where you can do that - Bully is a good example, but even FF7 waaay back allowed you to go on a date with a male character rather than a female one. They tend to be buried options, though - you have to fulfil very specific criteria to make it happen, presumably because the devs know that if little Jimmy playing the game in the living room suddenly sees blokes kissing, his middle American mom is going to have a canary. (About the blokes kissing, sadly, not about the realisation that she bought her kid an M-rated game...)
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