#5010038, By Grayvern Gordon Brown................What went wrong?

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    Brown couldnt have stopped the financial crisis, nor withought consensus of most worls leaders can he do anything about it.

    Brown is being blamed because everyone needs someone to blame.
    The expenses scandal is a massive farse as well its been said for ages pay normal MPS 80 not 60 grand and give them no expenses, therefore no corruption however no one wanted to face up to the news stories over pay rises.

    The comments about forces infighting may well be true. Also helicopters mean nothing we could be up to our arses in chinooks and the upgrades for them, they would be useless. Its the pilots that matter I havent seen any news reports about Idol army pilots sitting around.

    Also you change the tactics you change the fight, the army has more choppers the insurgents aquire more suface to air's. People also seem to be forgetting that the casualty figures arent exactly high, its not exactly a war of attrition in terms of man power. The british army is probably doing better then the russians did.

    Also Brown is elected, as an mp and thats all that matters. Amongst the focus on personality and personal affairs not skill it has been almost totally forgotten that we vote for the party in a general election not the PM. (It also cracks me up no end how people bang on about this and totally ignore the lack of refferendums (true democracy) in the Uk)

    Not that im defending new labour, all parties are essentially slighlty right of centre with pretensions either way. The last 20 years being a deranged scamble towards the political centre.

    Then again baby face cameron and his merry band of tory trodlodites are still a worse option regardless, they after definately have no socialist backbenchers.

    Then again im not totally sold on democracy given that most poles indicate that around 60% of all people in England want the death penalty back (then again that may just be the people who answer the surveys. But then given what I know of sampling and who the research was lightly done by then it has the scary possibility of being entriely true.
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