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    jonsaan wrote:
    Wants passwords etc. No worries. Thanks anyway. I think I might wait for the dvd series to come out.

    I AM Mike Donovan by the way. At least, I used to think I was.

    Mike Donavan was ace... one of my fave roflmao moments was when the group first met Tyler, and Donavan went off on one... :)

    "This is Ham, Tyler..."

    /short break for breath...

    "Oh we go way go way back, Laos, El Savlavador, you name it... he blew it up and I took pictures of it" ...

    /group confused :-)

    Seriously though I used to love this series, staying up till 11pm when it was on ITV of a Friday in the 80's!!

    Anyway, reason I posted is because its out on the usual torrent sites now (minino**.org), but if you are prepared to wait, wikipedia says it the sci fi channel has the rights to it, and will be shown in "early 2010".



    EDIT: anyone remember the shady Nathan Bates??
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