#6683380, By Fernando What's America's problem?

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    Bill Gates is Evil wrote:
    This has long been a very interesting thread, because the majority of the perceptions of the United States on Eurogamer has very little in common with the actual United States, which I've lived in for a good 26 years.

    Which leads me to my suggestion for a thread title change: "What's My Personal Mythological America's problem?"

    Not that all the little links and quotes and pictures aren't real. They're just so detached and out-of-context from the unified whole of the subject. I see concern that politics in the UK will reach the same levels of ridiculousness seen in the United States: this thread is proof that it already has.
    just wondering what state do you live in (if you still live there)? who are you gonna vote for next week? looks like the dems are gonna get wiped out in the house, but maybe for the better? i donno *shrugs*
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