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    Oh hey everyone, the US votes today. Pollsters say Obama should win, even if he doesn't win the popular vote.

    A short background on the electoral college so you folk can understand why we have such a weird system(even if I can't explain why we keep it):

    The 13 colonies had a large landmass. They were a very large democracy in a time when mail was delivered over the course of weeks. It took forever for news to get anywhere. So it was expected that the average voter would have no clue who is running for president, or his positions or anything like that.

    There simply wasn't enough time for a president to campaign everywhere and the most distant outlying settlements weren't going to get much in the way of news. The Electoral College fixed that by making it so you voted instead for an elector who shard you beliefs and ideals and was better informed than you were about the candidates. Your elector would go out and vote for the candidate he felt best represented his base.

    It was pretty clever, but now it seems ridiculous. Although even if Obama loses the popular vote and wins the electoral college, Bush did the same thing.

    I hope that made sense, I typed this up really quickly before heading to the polls myself.

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