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    Okay, let me explain this then: A candidate could have 100% of the south behind him and 49% of the rest of the country. He loses the rest of the country barely, wins the south, loses the electoral college but sweeps the popular vote.

    Also, yeah, sorry about that silly error. I knew, I said I typed this up quickly.

    America's poll problem is because individual states can set their own voting procedures, and so a party can skew voting to disproportionately hurt a certain voter base. For example, in Massachusetts I voted with just my name and address. In other states, I might have needed a photo ID. Photo IDs cost money, and thus disproportionately affect the poor.

    edit: References for euro people? I'll see what I can dig up.

    For understanding the election's setup, I'd recommend 538. http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/

    Lots of graphs there and such explaining the popular vote vs electoral college issue.

    I'm having stupid difficulty finding anything on tracking the votes as they roll in, I expect those numbers won't start appearing for another 5-6 hours at least.

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