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    that situation was just a hypothetical to explain why it is in fact easy to get a popular vote loss and an electoral college win. The US is just better spread out than people think. The Massachusetts republicans are a completely different organization than the Texas republicans.

    If Obama loses the popular vote, we might finally see the EC gone. The only reason it still exists is because in part it puts a lot of money in the "battleground states" and helps their economies more than most would be willing to admit. The states themselves would stop this. It also makes sure even states with tiny populations get some money spent on them.

    I personally have always wanted to see Jim Crow laws reinstated in the south. Except they function on everyone. You'd see states with maybe 1,000 voters turning out, it'd be amazing.

    For those who are european, Jim Crow laws basically prevented blacks from voting by making a requirement about your grandad/dad having to have voted or been a citizen for you to be able to vote. If you couldn't do that, then you had to take a test proving you know enough about the united states political system. They were 50 questions long, and three incorrect answers failed you. And there was no throw away stuff like "Who was the first president?" it was either questions that required a decent, modern civics education and a good number of questions in full legal jargon about the purposes of specific courts. The average black voter was not educated. Thankfully these were abolished in the 1960s and earlier.

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