#9151294, By ChronoTravis What's America's problem?

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    This is just immediate knee jerk reaction-ism from overly emotional Obama, haters that are desperate to make their point. There have always been these secession movements, but since the Civil War, they have not gone anywhere, and I don't suspect that this one will either. There are 25 million people living in Texas, so these 25k signatures mean nothing, and neither do the rest of the signatures in a country 300 million people. None of these states could survive on their own, never-mind prosper, and secession will never be a popular movement, in a country where most families and relationships are spread across several states.

    What Texan is going to want to need a passport to visit their mother in Oklahoma? Also, as a person who was born and raised in Michigan, I can tell you that the Michigan signatures are an absolute joke, and that state would never secede, especially since it is a blue state anyway. I'm thinking that this might just be an attempted pre-emptive strike against the shifting demographics in Texas. It has been losing its redness with each election, and is projected to become a blue state a couple of elections from now. Sorry to break it you secessionists, but you did in fact sign on to cede some states rights to the Federal government when your states joined the union, as per the constitution, and the constitution has always been a living document that changes with the times, via amendments, and was never meant to be static.

    True patriot: I'm not very satisfied with these election results, but this IS a democracy, and I will try to convince others of my political views, so that they may vote differently next time. This country, as a nation of people and ideas, is bigger than any presidential administration.

    Fake patriot: I didn't get my way, so I want to split off and form my own country. THAT WILL SHOW THEM! I never signed on to have to make compromises and have to contribute to a society where there may be people who are different than me!
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