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    @asho It's an acquired taste. You really need to give it longer than 3 hours as it's fairly unwelcoming to newcomers. Severe shortcomings like a poor minimap, confusing door entries, that large Japanese font which looks poor for Roman characters and random battles all seem insurmountable to long-term enjoyment. Yakuza 3 is very slow to start with, what with fishing, golf, playing hide and seek with orphans etc.

    Once you get through this and start to build up your moveset on the streets, particularly with quick dodges and counters, and get to know your way about, you will find yourself actually enjoying it and deliberately hunting down battles with drunken puffy jackets. The combat becomes very visceral and quite deep. Even better when you open up the cagefighting arena. I spent days just doing that and not progressing the story.

    It is worth persevering with despite the quite obvious flaws.

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