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  • Mr.Small 8 Sep 2009 00:06:39 318 posts
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    Jesus, it's only a tenner. If you're anything other than a vegan, non-smoking, tea-totalling hermit than you're going to spend a lot more on meat, fags, booze or generally going out each month. A tenner for access to pretty much the world's supply of music on demand is really nothing to ask for ... just sacrifice a couple of cups of coffee or bought sandwiches per month to cover the difference.

    Spotify on the iPhone would be perfect except for one or two niggles. The lack of background playing has been mentioned but another is that when you unplug the headphones, or if they accidentally pop out, the music gets diverted to speaker. This is in contrast to the ipod function where removing the headphones mutes the music. I've already been caught out by the difference today ... awkward.

    Anyway, I'm off to backup my mp3s to external hard-drive, delete them from the laptop and free up some badly needed space. Spotify can stream my music choices from now on.
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