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    DDevil wrote:
    malteaserhead wrote:
    DDevil wrote:
    malteaserhead wrote:
    If you see one you've been trucking too hard. Sheesh.
    /explains next 'joke' in a series of collectable cards
    I don't get it. Surely there's plenty of female state troopers around, especially these days. Shouldn't be too hard to see one.
    It's a deliciously playful pun on having vigourous sex.
    If you've seen even one 'state trooper' here you are really trucking too hard.
    I got shouted at by a state trooper last year for having my headlights on full beam. Police in the UK should have megaphones on their cars too.
    They do. Or at least some have something similar. In my younger days one shouted at us for chucking sweets at each other.
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