#5046043, By DacreW What games will be remade in 20 years time...

  • DacreW 29 Jul 2009 13:49:34 16 posts
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    I think in future remakes will be less important as games will older games will still be available. eg for my X-box 3,000,000 I'll still have access to all the current x-box arcade stuff, and probably be able to download current games like current versions of Halo for a few quid. So retro gaming won't quite be the same as it is now.
    Remakes like FIFA '39 will still be going tho - I expect Tiger Woods '39 will be rebranded to another name at some point, so perhaps Tiger Woods Classic Golf will come out for a few nostalgia "wasn't Tiger Woods great before they added the lasers and crocodiles in the water" buyers.
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