#5043757, By skillian Anyone remember Special Reserve?

  • skillian 28 Jul 2009 21:25:09 42 posts
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    Flying_Pig wrote:
    Yeah - I used to frequent their forum before I discovered EG. Remember that they used to give a game away for the best post of the day?

    /Won Zone of Enders :)

    I was the one who chose the winning reviews/posts. That might have been me who awarded it to you :D

    And yes they had a horrible end where they took lots of preorders for the Xbox 360 and then went bust before they could fulfil them. I felt really bad about that, even though it obviously wasn't me who made those decisions.

    Yeah, we had a membership system that gave you a few quid off all games or peripherals (and earned you reddies, so you could get a free inflatable chair when you bought your cheapo replacement PlayStation pad).
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