#5049335, By Lave Going abroad with an iPhone

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    MrED209 wrote:
    Lave wrote:
    turn the iphone off, turn it back on and push "cancel" instead of entering your pin code.

    that should stop it from doing anything costly.

    EDIT: missed the part where you wanted to "receive call if necessary"... that would not be possible with the simcard disabled...
    Is it just me or is this completely wrong? Turning the phone off, back on, and not entering PIN code to unlock the phone does not mean that data etc is disabled. It can receive calls and text messages, and go looking for email periodically.

    This is unsafe advice, is it not?

    no unlocked SIM-card = no access to any operators network = no data/voice traffic possible = no costs. you can't call anyone and they can't call you. same for data (unless, you have WLAN connection..)

    as I said, the drawback is that you can not receive/make calls or SMS/mms.

    EDIT: @ED. Just choose "ok" instead of "enter pin code". You wont be able to do anything which means that traffic goes through an operator network until you enter your pin-code.
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