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    Cappy wrote:
    The first time I tried a Tomb Raider game (Tomb Raider 2), my first impressions were;

    There's a lot of shooting, tigers, guards etc. It wasn't for me so I never got to find out if there was another entirely different game of solitude and exploration later on. I suspect fans are building up prior releases in the series as something they were not via selective hindsight.

    Let's face it Tomb Raider fans will buy any old shit, so why start pretending that you have high standards now.
    Unfortunately, after the original game they went the route of trying to play up the amount of action and sex appeal, which is why the original creator quit.

    TR2 is by far the worst offender though, things were toned down a bit for the third game and it went back to being a bit more about the exploration and puzzle solving, but only really the original game is regarded as a masterpiece and it absolutely deserves to be.
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